A highly technological project

Whether it is dirt, paved or macadam, ozer0 is the driving concept that adapts perfectly to any hardness of the road surface improving the “electric unicycle” in safety and reliability, maintaining agility and driving pleasure. Switching from driving a traditional electric scooter to driving the ozer0 is like switching from a mobile phone with a keyboard to one equipped with a touch screen.
Red Control srl has been operating in the road safety sector since 2004. The world of mobility is experiencing a radical transformation, the need to have ecological means, especially in the cities, pushed our company in 2018 to start a project activity, development and commercialization of innovative systems applied to electric mobility, in particular to micro mobility.

The main advantage of ozer0 is that it is an innovative, one-of-a-kind means, with a strong personality and advanced technology, that permits the driver to move around the city for work or simply to have fun. ozer0 is in all respects a vheicle that enhances the electric unicycle and the electric scooter, thanks to the innovative module +1W.

Easy and intuitive. By applying + 1W to the electric unicycle platforms, an ozer0 electric scooter with self-balanced platforms is obtained. The support that the + 1w module provides to the electric unicycle generates a new concept of electric scooter that competes with electric bikes in terms of performance, safety, size, driving comfort and parking.

With ozer0 we have achieved several goals.
There is no theft risk in the parking lot, leaving only the + 1w module parked and carrying the electric unicycle on without any effort and zero space thanks to the practical trolley handle, No taxes, thanks to the new legislation that from 1 January 2020 has equated electric scooters to electric bicycles, we have also reduced maintenance costs. With the ozer0 project we ensure savings on petrol costs and contribute to helping the environment.

Aria pulita e performance silenziose

The comfortable driving position, the advanced management of acceleration and braking obtained with the driver’s weight shifting guarantees gaits, smooth trajectories and pleasant experience from the first use. Thanks to the gyroscopic sensors and the electric control unit with which the electric unicycles are equipped, every small movement of the body is interpreted as a command for the vehicle allowing a simple and total control by the driver.
Through the appropriate app, and your smartphone, you can check all engine parameters in real time and manage the vehicle safely.

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