0 km
0 km/h
vel. max
0 w
0 cm
15-80 km
20-30 km/h
max speed
500-1200 w
ozer0 it is a scooter for professional use with immediate, comfortable, pleasant and safe driving
support w.
monowheel w.
module weight +1w

The comfort in the city

Ozer0 is an electric scooter adapted for all road surfaces. It comes with a dual-brake system, as the latter increases the safety for the vehicle operation. The first mechanical lever front brake is located on the handlebar, while the second electric one, is operated by shifting the driver’s weight on the footrests.
Ecology and Savings

Low environmental impact mobility

Rugged, light and resistant, ozer0 is made up of quality materials that promises high performance compared to classic scooters thanks to the electric motor up to 500 W with a diameter of 14-16 ”which guarantees generous torque. ozer0 represents a means of road transport for a single person, an economic solution in consumption (0.01 € / km) and respectful of the environment, in perfect compliance with the most recent Italian legislation which from 1 January 2020 equates electric scooters to electric bicycles.

High performance

Thanks to the lithium battery and the latest generation electric engine, ozer0 is able to travel up to 80Km and reach 30Km / h of maximum speed. Recharging is carried out through a normal electric socket , energy is collected every hour for an autonomy of approximately 10 km.

Energy recovery

In downhill the driver, shifting the weight of the body naturally on the rear of the footrests, activates the engine brake which automatically recovers energy and recharges the batteries.

Comfortable, safe and light

Allowing the guide on parallel foot, compared to traditional electric scooters that impose feet in line, it is comfortable and safe for medium and long-range movements. During the stop it is possible to leave the front frame in a bike rack while the electric unicycle is transported on the road with an effortless handle with the engine running until it reaches the office / home destination. In addition, the electric unicycle is equipped with a stand that allows the vertical position even at rest.

Bluetooth connection

Android / iOS technology for more control. By placing the Smartphone in the appropriate slot on the front of the steering, through the Speedometerthe app the driver can view; Km traveled, Battery level and temperature, Rear and front lights, Horn, Maximum speed and limits setting.

Ottimo acquisto. Ormai non posso farne più meno. Ottimo sia per le passeggiate che per il lavoro.
Marco Rossi
From Impiegato




12-Month Warranty

Complete protection against manufacturing defects.

Service and Support

Expert support team for everything you need.

Current regulations

In Italy from 1 January 2020, electric scooters with a maximum power motor of 500 W can legally circulate on urban roads, where the circulation of velocipedes is allowed, as well as on suburban roads, but there must be a cycle path. The maximum speed allowed on the road is 25 km / h and in pedestrian areas 6 km / h, using the speed limiter in the app. In Italy it can be guided by both adults and minors who have reached the age of fourteen, without any type of driving license required. However, the minor driver must use the helmet. Anyone will have to wear a reflective vest or braces from half an hour after sunset, throughout the period of darkness and even during the day, if the weather conditions preclude the visibility of the road. He will also have to wear them even if he passes through tunnels. ozer0 it can circulate in hours of darkness or in conditions of poor visibility only if equipped with front and rear light kit.
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